Rhianna Makeup Artistry About Me
Rhianna Makeup Artistry About Me



I am so glad you arrived! My name is Rhianna Robertson, and I am a Makeup Artist, Manager, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I wear many hats for many people and that is what I love.


I grew up in Victoria very close to my family. Growing up, I took after my grandmother who could make a friend out of anyone. She truly had the gift of the gab and passed it along to me! I love connecting with people, trading stories, and sharing in an experience together.


I discovered makeup when my dad's partner worked at MAC in the early 2000s. She graciously shared her extra makeup with me thus begun the exploration of one of my deepest passions. I soon developed a fondness for colour and that preference has stayed with me ever since. Yellow eyeshadow is wearable, right?


I started my own business in 2015, then became an on call artist at MAC Cosmetics soon after in 2016. now, in 2021, I manage the Downtown Victoria location and run my own successful makeup business, Rhianna Makeup Artistry.


To me, makeup can be many things. I have often told my brides that the perfect bridal makeup is "you, on your very best day". although this *can* be true (and is on many occasions), it is not *the* truth. I have come to discover that "perfect" is:



B) Subjective

Settling into this different perspective I have begun on a new path with my artistry; to investigate deeply, empower people as much as I can, and to find beauty in the "imperfections".


When we get the opportunity to work together I want to get to know YOU. More than just your skin type or your preferences, what do you do in a day? What do you want to do? Who inspires you? Do you have any pets? (I love pets).


I look forward to meeting you